RaDIATE Objectives

As proton accelerator particle sources (target facilities) become increasingly powerful, there is a pressing need to better understand and predict the radiation response of structural window and target materials. The RaDIATE Collaboration will draw on existing expertise in related fields in fission and fusion research (which has, to date, not been co-ordinated well with the work of the accelerator communities) to formulate and implement a research programme that will apply the unique combination of facilities and expertise at participating institutions to a broad range of high power accelerator projects of interest to the collaboration. The broad aims are threefold:

  1. to generate new and useful materials data for application within the accelerator and fission/fusion communities;
  2. to recruit and develop new scientific and engineering experts who can cross the boundaries between these communities;
  3. to initiate and coordinate a continuing synergy between research in these currently disparate communities, benefitting both proton accelerator applications in science and industry and carbon-free energy technologies.
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