Fermi National Laboratory

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Fermilab is a particle physics and accelerator laboratory located near Chicago, Illinois in the United States. It is one of 17 U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories.

The lab collaborates with scientists and engineers worldwide to advance humanity’s understanding of the building blocks that make up the universe.

Fermilab’s Target Systems Department (TSD) supports the lab’s accelerator experiments, including NuMI, BNB, Muon g-2, Mu2e and PIP-II, through the design, construction and operation of high-power target facilities.

As beam powers increase, TSD is challenged to continually overcome new technological and material limitations in beam-intercepting devices. The research performed by the High-Power Targetry R&D group within the framework of the RaDIATE collaboration is critical to the development of beam components capable of withstanding exceedingly greater stresses.